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Events and Special Occasions

Covering events including weddings, formals, corporate or fashion photoshoots, runway and fashion shows, TV and film.

Regardless of your occasion, you can be sure that you will leave feeling and looking amazing for your event.

Hair and Makeup

Offering salon and mobile services, we are able to provide you with a style cut or colour and/or beauty treatment.

Thriving on excellence, I am constantly educating and training to keep up with current trends, techniques and products worldwide. This has led to my success over the last 13 years of being in business and I am one of the Gold Coast’s leading hairdressers and makeup artists.

Skills for young women

My heart is for Women, especially young girls, discovering who they are and finding their self-worth and their most inner beauty and letting it radiate with confidence. I run a deportment and life skills course in schools which is tremendously beneficial, powerful and lifechanging for those who attend. I am available to attend high schools as a guest educator to teach and speak with them about makeup and the importance of self confidence.